Spy coming in from the cold ?

From David Weiss and the other hot potato dudes through to Russianvids and Peekay and now facillitating a link between one of fakeologists’ honest few (rollo) and one of these “high output” characters –  who up until now have never shown any interest or given any recognition to fakeologist.com or cluesforum.info – we have the man of the moment , JLB.

A very clever man indeed , but is it possible he is simply playing a very clever game . These characters have denied Ab and Simon for a ridiculously long time , so is JLB now attempting to bring them in from the cold ? (Could he also be setting his sights on simons ssss model ?)

This approach just happens to coincide with a little story in the media of trolls harassing crisis actors . The subject of the story was certainly one of these “high output” characters . These chaps also seem to carry a bit of hate baggage . Blacks , jews , gays etc .

Yes fakeology can be a lonely and paranoid place !


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