Inquiry a psyop clue

Woodstock, a small town in rural Ontario, seems to be the western hub of hoax stories for Ontario.

The great Xilefelix pointed out that judicial inquiries to change laws (already written no doubt) are part and parcel of hoax events.

This deadly nurse story is too bizarre and silly to be true. Maybe Xilefelix can research it and dig up more clues.

This overweight actor is now being called a serial killer I thought they retired that old trope years ago.

It will be two years before Ontarians can learn how serial killer nurse Elizabeth Wettlaufer was able to get away with murder for so long. Queen’s Park on Tuesday announced Justice Eileen Gillese will lead the independent public inquiry into the “policies, procedures and oversight of long-term care homes.” Gillese’s wide-ranging review will report back by July 31, 2019.

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