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  • misom 7:27 am on September 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    Ab and Chris talk 9/11 

    I find this interview – or better discussion – between Ab and Chris one of the most trustworthy, in depth and inspiring talks I have found in the archives. I republish it here because it is difficult to find on fakeologist.com as it is  from nov 2012.

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  • misom 9:34 am on August 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: 9/11, Charlie Hebdo, French psyops   

    Video concerning the “Charlie Hebdo attack” 

    The video is selfexplanatory and it describes the meeting between Charlie Hebdo “survivors” with President Hollande.



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    • xileffilex 1:56 pm on August 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Horrible F-ers, those “humourous journalists” of Hebdo. Here are some more smirkers and fakers from the Charlie Hebdo hoax, the brother-in-law and the wife of the “shot and murdered” policeman
      watch from about 0.45 – the b-i-l fakes grief, the wife starts giggling. And watch the women next to her.

      Here they are again in a longer clip watch especially 1.30 and 6.20 – that’s the widow smirking and smiling. The le-parisian clip is at 13.10.
      Disgusting fakers.

    • misom 3:04 pm on August 17, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Xile, thanks for that, will link it to da fakeopedia.

  • misom 4:52 am on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply
    Tags: children slavery, sex industry   

    This latest psyop in Thailand reads for me as a pervert inverted advertisment.

    “Hello world, Thailand has young boys waiting for you”


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    • Fakeologist 7:00 am on July 8, 2018 Permalink | Reply

    • xileffilex 9:11 am on July 9, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This media hoax has allowed the reheating of a previous “cave death drama” in Thailand from 2007 . The surviving girlfriend ” has never wanted to talk publicly about her ordeal, but……” it’s always time for one staged event to back up another.
      image from 2007


      John Nicholas Cullen 1983-2007

      a Swiss couple and their two teenage daughters, a 10-year-old German boy and two Thai guides.

      locals and other tourists warned the group not to enter the cave after several hours of monsoon rain had made it unsafe.

      Last night Miss Carroll [now Helena Overton] described how her boyfriend saved her life before slipping into the torrent and disappearing.

      ….they took me to a place which was being used in a mortuary.

      “I saw John’s body in a box next to one of the beautiful little Swiss girls. It was awful. I can’t believe I am the only survivor.”
      According to he local police chief, Phijarn Galayaseri, the mother of the German boy, Eddie Gaempe, had stayed behind because she was feeling unwell. “[She] did not think it was dangerous because there were many adults,” he said.

      “It was so sad,” said Miss Carroll. “I saw the mother take her son wrapped in a plastic bag in a car to Phuket.”

      Miss Carroll’s parents paid tribute to Mr Cullen, who was also the best friend of their son. Helena’s mother Carol Caroll, 54, described Mr Cullen as “the loveliest guy you could ever meet”.

      sounds very very hoaxy.

      And here’s the funeral report, complete with potato lens photo and news that John was buried in his football team’s shirt, Aston Villa. Perfect.

      John’s mother


      , his older sisters Jackie and Jenny, brother Stephen, girlfriend Helena and her father, John Caroll, joined hundreds of mourners at the service


      John was a recent director of his recently deceased father’s and his mother’s company
      Probate August 18 2008

      Mrs Cullen was in the middle of a cruise of the Mediterranean when her daughter Jackie, 40, called her with the news that her 24-year-old company director son had died in a flash flood following heavy rains.
      Mr Cullen’s fiancee Helena said the trip, which had been due to last for 12 months and would have taken in Japan and Australia, was a life-long dream of the couple as John had taken over his father’s asbestos removal business at a young age and still wanted to see the world.

      “It was either buy a house or see the world,” she said



    • misom 2:27 am on July 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for the input Ab and Xile. I listed the event also in the fakeopedia and continue following it. Talking with a neighbour and friend of mine whose wife is from that region and who has visited the place himself many times and lived there for long periods here my notes:
      -the cave does exist
      -the visit of a team of young athletes there is implausible, they would need a special license from authorites to even enter there
      -monsoon does not come abruptly and stays only for a day, the story is not believable
      -after the death of the decades long king of thailand the following time has been in a vaccum of power more so because the consecutive king is a trump type ridiculous character
      -empowerment of authority is much needed in the country and such an event with cooperation of internanational military troops (navy) and media and local troops seems to fit the agenda

    • Willard 12:07 pm on July 10, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      I am especially curious to see fakeologist analysis of the story. When i first learned that divers discovered the 13 boys after 9 days I was alerted to a possible psyop because of the numerology indicators 9 and 13. When it was told that the boy’s return out of the cave would take 11 hrs, I thought the probaility extremely high as 11 is another indicator. I just now read these comments. Ab’s remark about the involvement of Elon Musk is an excellent as it is uncanny how PSYOP perps are woven into these stories.

      Another suspicious item is how quickly the boys were retrieved after we were regaled with various dangerous and arduous rescue scenarios. Like a well written drama, these scenarious introduce plot complications and raise emotional tension.

      Suspicious numerology:

      11 on the first ambulance to go to the hospital.
      18 days from discovery to retrival.
      13 team members
      9 days missing
      11 hour route out

      To me the tell will be in the follow up stories. They must examined to see if they have the characteristics of hoax management.

  • misom 6:03 am on June 20, 2018 Permalink | Reply  

    The (F)interesting rise and fall of a blood-analysis technology 

    The story in short is:

    • A silicon valley start-up promises a technology that is able to do all (240) blood tests with one drop of blood

    *The promises go wrong – maybe also because they failed to get a license to roll out in Afghanistan

    *A enterprise’s biochemist “commits suicide” in 2013 when he “realized” the fraudulent software/machine (could not find him but deserves the quotes, i think…)

    *The initiators are sued, have to pay a little reparations – 9 billions get lost in thin air

    The interesting point for me was that this story is being analyzed as a conspiracy although it is actually standard procedere in the business world.  The discussion is an exercise for deceptive language and perverted facts.


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    • Unreal 1:11 pm on June 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      This “Theranos” story is quite interesting as Elizabeth Holmes made her breakthrough very quickly as she managed to raise 6 billion dollars for her health venture as a 20 year old Stanford University drop out.

      An interesting detail is that Holmes seems to mimick Steve Jobs, another Palo Alto business wonder and university drop-out with her black turtle neck sweaters.

      The question of EGI was raised by Ab in the FAK 203 podcast, and from Holmes biography, it is very clear she originates from Elite parents*. By analysing her apparence, she does have many male typical features including a big head, slanted forehead, significant brow-structure and a solid male chin.

      Although i agree we should be suspect of both Elizabeth Holmes role in the larger medical scam, it is difficult to make a definate conclusion on her inclusion or not in Elite Gender Inversion. She does make a good candidate and would consitute a well disguised EGI enitity if we were able to be sure of her EGI case as we now must expect as the Elite are all the more carefull and skilled in their management of EGI. Suspect for sure, but also ambivalent.

      Not surprisingly, the “Zal rule” will soon come into play for this case as Holmes will be portrayed by Jennifer Lawrence (very likely EGI) in the movie Bad Blood based on homonymous book (2018) by John Carreyrou.

      *Holmes’ father is Christian Rasmus Holmes IV worked in government agencies such as USAID, and her mother is Congressional committee staffer Noel Anne Daoust (wikipedia)

      • Unreal 1:25 pm on June 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        Not sure why the image joined in my post above do not show – it is viewable here

        • misom 4:05 pm on June 25, 2018 Permalink | Reply

          Thanks, UNreal for the reaction and the further information. Meanwhile i searched for the etymology of the word “Theranos” and – as my first instinct was – it is a constructed word that does not exist, an artificial creation that sounds very greek or maybe also latin, but is in fact nothing of both. The closest associations i have for the word Theranos would be that it is a creation out of ether (ancient greek for air) and Uranos (lat. Uranus) (ancient greek for sky). Quite clever, most of the products of the pharma industry have such names that do not mean anything exept that they sound greek or latin.

          • Unreal 1:20 am on June 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

            If the Elite merely play with words,the might use etymology as they see fit as both Latin and other ‘ancient’ versions of languages and word-roots from the past probably never existed.

            As Holmes seems to be the main character in a soap-opera that was meant to fail – and her product pure fantasy most probably – maybe the hidden meaning in the company name “Theranos” is more of a joke as it is a phony operation.

            By bringing up “Uranus” it is reminiscent of “Theranos” and maybe they are phonetically even closer than the spelling. It seems to me Uranus is joke name of a non-existing gaz giant: ‘Your Anus’ (Uranus). Likewise, ‘Their Anus’ (Theranos) seems like a joke incorporated in the Holmes deception by its scriptwriters.

            Phonetic anagrams and literal musing seems to often drive many false storylines as they by themselves are meaningless and when you have an inside joke for the members of such operations to refer to – you suddenly have meaning out of thin air..

            • misom 1:49 am on June 26, 2018 Permalink

              That is an interesting angle, UNreal, with the associations about the “Ur – anus”. But i would be cautious to declare all ancient languages as frauds. I have not so much insight into latin, but i have quite a good basis in ancient greek. Of course the timelines are constructed – based on hypotheses and the aims of the powerholders of each period. The texts themselves are evidence though that such languages existed and the volume and diversity as well as the interrelations among the various linguistic patterns allow well founded conclusions about the existence of multiple “older varieties” of greek dialects.

            • Unreal 3:33 am on June 26, 2018 Permalink

              What i meant to say is that ancient languages have been altered to fit the current matrix. As an example, as ancient Egypt did not exist as is portrayed as the Pyramids and other artefacts are quite recent*, a whole alphabet, language and history was invented. This situation does not mean that Egypt wasn’t inhabited in ancient times – i think it was. And the people who lived there surely spoke and wrote a language. But as the records are altered, i think the language and etymology as well has been changed.

              Regarding Greece, i’m not very well informed but i’m afraid the historical glory possibly is much more invented than real, as the architecture like Parthenon clearly is more recent than contended (the architecture of Rome likewise with The Colisseum being a very problemtaic building even technically as to how the public was seated and accessed the tribunes etc).

              When it comes to “ancient texts” i remain skeptical any of the writing that predates the french revolution are trustworthy. Not that nothing happened before the modern era, but everything we are told is clearly altered to fit the current narrative. An exemple could be older texts that existed before 1789 that were redacted as they were preserved – possibly changed according to the historical timeline established by Scaliger and christian scolars (invention of the “dark ages” etc)

              Regarding the critical analyses of history and historical texts, i find Christopher Pfister’s manifesto a good reference for how we might want to analyse past events and documents. The 33 Dead Sea scrolls of the beebell (bible) found in 11 caves are a good exemple how the Elite need to falsify age of documents that in fact were written or re-written in modern times (16-1700s).

              A new manifesto to revise prevailing history and chronology

              *A Pyramid the Army did

    • misom 5:04 am on June 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

      Aposteriority is not an invention of the modern era for sure but while pyramids and parthenons can be built later and dated earlier, nobody, never and under no real or imaginary circumstances can create thousands of texts in multiple dialects. It would be equal to the aim of the digital technologies to create an artificial brain… Human language is a collevtive, living entity and not an artifice – although the “elites” always aimed at destroying language by ruling over its use or illegalize its living form. Texts are dead language, yes, but they are materialized speech, human imagination and experience. The interpretation e.g. of the Odysee can change and did so many times but they still are material evidence of the existence of collectives that lived in that languages in one or the other way.
      As of the “ancient greek glory”, it was invented by the german foundational era of the late 18th and the 19th century as opposed to the french and british empire ambitions in the eastern mediterranean region which led to the constitution of the “new greek state” under four powers (the russian included) to which his “pre-history” was given by the less bad emperors, lol.

      • Unreal 6:06 am on June 26, 2018 Permalink | Reply

        I do hear your point about the existence of too many texts which is a very interesting debate. I do not personally consider there to be too many texts written despite the fact there are huge amounts of books in existence just as there are now incredible numbers of videos on the internet.

        In fact nearly every book we have today are just centuries old – not older*. Paper is very limited in lifespan and our belief that there are lots of books that factually are 1000 year old or older is not true. Very old books were written recently as well – but the originals might be old of course. In a nutshell – we have indeed produced all the books that exist in the past hundreds of years factually, so the question therefore would be if there were original texts or not.

        So – were there original texts (or not) before our updated versions of these pretended old and certified texts ?

        I would say “not” in the case of the Bible. So if even the Bible is a modern invention – what about the other universally accepted old books ? I do not have the answer, but i do think it is very possible to create old reference books just like the Bible attests to.

        We might have to factor in how written materials were the main propaganda tool for much longer than we in our modern epoch have had photography, moving images, films and TV. Just by looking at the amount of films and filmscripts alone would make us realise how intense the propaganda is pushed today, and also remind us this was equally the case back when only written materials were used to brainwash us all (after the Elite learnt us to read of course – “in our own interest”,,,).

        *the exception is that books are found or kept in their original state, and we have to be suspect of how these really old paper books have survived and are rediscovered in modern times – often by in a pot or other hidden primitive storage method..

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