RPSS S2E9 Crossing Over Into The Private and The Great Debunking Of The Gurus

RPSS S2E9 Crossing Over Into The Private and The Great Debunking Of The Gurus 🗓️ 2023-05-02 • 🕑 07:04:20 • 📁 1.4 GB Podcast: Red Pill Sunday School on Odysee Author: Red Pill Sunday School Web player: podcastaddict.com/episode/157092895 Episode: player.odycdn.com/api/v3/streams/free/RPSS-S2E9-Crossing-Over-Into-The-Private-and-The-Great-Debunking-Of-The-Gurus/da0ed728f2fb29591748b812f7b1b6b2b6691db3/60be8f.mp4 Greetings… in this series of private discussions, Brandon Sterling and myself take a deep dive into the private side of things. Besides desperately defining just what it is and especially what it is not, we take you on a ride through all the angles, exposing the frauds, examining the actual law, looking at the history of trusts and private membership associations (PMA), and despoiling what until now has been a great mystery in this not-so-thruthful alternative truth-err movement. Details about my new website are coming very, very soon, and will be posted on my blog once in working order, here: realitybloger.wordpress.com What you are about to watch is the end of my own journey in the public realm, and the beginning of a new life lived in private. This has been my goal since day one, whether I knew it or not, and all of my teachings have been perfectly geared for a life lived righteously, under the Highest Law, in the private. Please join the new website if you wish to continue not only to follow me, but to walk the walk I am finally able to show you. Big, big plans, so I will need all the support I can get. Thank you for your love, and please accept this ever tougher lesson and labor of love in return. May Truth set you free… -Clint

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