EP.526 This is why I had to do it! Simplified. Water, Clay and the Rock.

EP.526 This is why I had to do it! Simplified. Water, Clay and the Rock. πŸ—“οΈ 2023-11-28 β€’ πŸ•‘ 01:04:03 β€’ πŸ“ 61 MB Podcast: Right on Radio Author: Right on Radio Web player: https://podcastaddict.com/right-on-radio/episode/167577273 Episode: https://mcdn.podbean.com/mf/web/4saciz/EP526_Alchemy_Series_Explained_and_Simplified96g3y.mp3 The reason why I had to do the series on Alchemy. The big reveal, that everybody missed. Greater revelation. Simplified. Water, Clay and the Rock. Prayerfully consider supporting Right on Radio. Support Right on Radio https://patron.podbean.com/RightonRadio (Patron is billed by “The Speakers Company” PayPal for Jeff paypal.me/JeffRamsperger Mushrooms click here and check it out PetClub 247 Click Here: https://www.empshield.com/?coupon=ror Save $50 on each unit with coupon code ROR Join the movement, make the switch My Liberty Stand – Taking back our country or email rightonjeff@gmail.com Web Site: Right on Radio | a podcast by Right on Radio (podbean.com) New Rumble Channel Right on Radio (rumble.com) Subscribe Back up Video Channel on Odysee https://lbry.tv/@RightonRadio:9 Right on U Link: https://rightonU.com -Real Estate Investing, use code SAVE800 -Creating Wealth SAVE $300 USE Coupon Code GETFOR197 -STAR Achievement System Purchase for $17 use coupon “STAR” Get Swag http://www.rightonmerch.com Follow on Twitter @JeffRighton Digital Soldiers: Welcome to the SoS Army [Shepherds of Sheeple Army] Web Site https://sosarmy.mailchimpsites.com/ Subscribe:https://rightonradio.podbean.com/​ Follow: https://gab.com/ Right on Radio​ Telegram: https://t.me/right_on_radio [Main Channel] Digs https://t.me/RightonRadioDIGS Chat https://t.me/RightonRadioCHAT Live Right in the Real World! We talk God and Politics, Faith Based Broadcast News, views, Opinions and Attitudes We are Your News Now. Keep the Faith